Monday, June 11, 2007

Player Profile: The Weasel

Name: The Weasel
Team Name: Anything with the word "Jewish" in it.
Most Likely Seen: Wearing a t-shirt under a t-shirt under a button down.
Other nicknames: Strawberry Banana
Draft style: Haphazard. His goal is to be the first done. The more time for cigarette breaks, the better.
Playing style: Scared and conservative.
Best finish: 6th
Years played: 6
Dream team:

  • PG: Rafer Alston
  • SG: Allen Iverson
  • SF: Amare
  • PF: Amare
  • C: Amare


Shap said...

You forgot to add Ron Artest to the Weasel's dream team.

Shap said...
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