Monday, February 11, 2008

If YKJ Blogged...

We're back folks. With the playoffs rapidly approaching I thought it was an opportune time to get things back up and running on here...that is until Chad completely takes it over again.

Here is the highlight of my day, which was provided by Yom Kippur at Joel's:

Bone315: love this story
Bone315: classic
Bone315: have you seen this
Bone315: the berman video
Bone315: watch this
Bone315: and write me
Bone315: dont ignore me
Bone315: GOT IT
Bone315: RICH ROD
Bone315: CRYING
Bone315: god im hitting you with great shit tonight
Bone315: your welcome for this all
Bone315: skate to the neck is still the best
Bone315: ever
Bone315: so sad

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