Wednesday, December 5, 2007

C'mon people, let's focus

There seems to be some growing momentum behind the "let's-get-some-more-reliable-stats-in-the-box-score" movement. In this column, Steve Aschburner talks about how box scores haven't really changed in the last 50 years despite coaches, behind the scenes, having some new ways of looking at their player's productivity (or lack thereof).

Aschburner talks about the addition of the "Blocked Attempt" to the box score and dredges up the usual fans of the "Hockey Assist."

He also brings up an interesting concept -- "statistical symmetry", i.e. if you record blocks, you should record blocked attempts.

Which also means if you record assists YOU SHOULD RECORD BLOWN ASSISTS. It's not that hard people!


Mighty Mullets said...

I would like to see the "unwanted 3pt attempt". Negative points for jacking up ill-conceived threes on a fast break or 60 foot shots to end the 1st quarter when you are up by 11.

Cardiff Giant said...

how about an assist if the guy hits both free throws...this one is a must.

Never Won said...

I like that one too. Although if you read the article, the comment from Jaric is that in Europe you basically get an assist only if the pass leads to a lay-up or there's definitely a school of thought that swings the other way.