Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Step Closer

The NBA has added a new statistical category -- the Blocked Attempt, i.e. you got swatted (BA). I have no idea what this might tell you, except to better explain someone's field goal percentage. Or are you supposed to create blocked shots to blocked attempts ratio?

In the words of Best Team Ever: "what a thoroughly useless stat."

I can just feel how close we are to the Blown Assist and Half Steal. Watching the games last night it seemed like scorekeepers are finally awarding the steal to the player that caused it, not the player who luckily ended up with the ball in their hands.

Thanks to TrueHoop for the tip.


TheBurningSensation said...

I'm also torn on the BA's merits. It helps explain a poor fg%, sure. Just look at J. Jack last night. He went 2 for 5, with 3 BA. This indicates he's not as terrible a shooter as a 40% line would tell you.

On the flip side, it also reveals the scrubs who get punked the most by taller, more athletic and talented players. Like Jack.

Blue Balls said...

I think this is a great addition to fantasy basketball