Monday, October 29, 2007

Allow Myself To Introduce... Myself

And away we go, the first post by yours truly, MAMA LOOCH. Fittingly, I'm going to use this post to speak about the origins of the LOOCH, so you the reader can get an idea of how this first-tier BLE member came about. While the main inspiration for MAMA LOOCH as a name comes from The Misers "pet name" for his mother, Urban Dictionary offers a more fitting explanation. Check out their definition of MAMALOOCH

Well said urban dictionary, well said. I could not have put it any better. Although I had one bad year, which many say has tainted my status, I am considered (albeit self-considered) the cornerstone of something incredible (BLE), the strongest force amongst others. MAMALOOCH has often been a pioneer of auction strategy, introducing concepts such as Second Quarter/Fourth Quarter (although not always executed as intended), and the BMFP (Big Man Focal Point). Already ranked #2 in The Misers power-rankings for the upcoming season, this is the year MAMA LOOCH brings the trophy back to the Centro.

MAMA LOOCH Victim #1: Cardeef


Best Team Ever said...

Whoa-ho! Welcome to the BLE, MAMA LOOCH. I was the lone "thumbs up" vote on the ubran dictionary.

Good first post. Better than the Misers' for sure.

Mighty Mullets said...

MAMA, a long time ago, I invented the strategy "Go Big, Go Early, Go Often".

Before you start taking credit for inventing strategies, you should cite-a-source! ZINGGG!