Sunday, October 28, 2007

this is my first ever blog post...

and it will of course start with an ellipsis. i just have a couple random thoughts to share with our fellow league members:


often in life there are times when a man thinks that there are activities out there where he and only he would enjoy said activity at any given moment in time. you're absolutely convinced that no other person in the entire world would enjoy that same activity as you would at that exact same moment. well one of those moments arrived last night and it turns out i was wrong.

i was deciding whether or not to attend jon wachsman's halloween party at the tribeca grand hotel dressed up in my ridiculous blow up costume of me riding some inflatable chicken when i asked losers row what his plans were for the evening. he informed me that he was staying put so that he could watch the red sox and penn state vs. ohio state games.

i was intrigued and decided to stick around thinking this might be a great opportunity for us to get one last fantasy bball discussion in before the season began. let me remind you that this was at 7:30 pm... 1:00 am i arose from the same spot in the couch that i had been sitting in for 5 1/2 straight hours to go to the halloween party. losers row and i had somehow managed to discuss fantasy basketball for the entire duration of this time accomplishing nothing other than some asinine bets (see post to follow). dreams do come true.


when i turned eleven years old my parents took me to ginapolis for my birthday. it was a family eatery that consisted of not much more than your standard buffet line of ribs and chicken. still it was a great place.

we were all enjoying each others company when someone pointed out that dennis rodman was sitting a couple tables away.

my dad was soooooo pumped. i honestly never expected to witness that same level of enthusiasm from him ever again (although i did approximately 15 years later when my parents came to new york and we went to the fiddler on the roof play only to realize that larry brown was randomly sitting directly behind us).

anyways towards the end of the night dennis came over and gave me a chocolate cake and led the room in a resounding happy bday serenade. it was the greatest moment in life. probably on par with shap's tears of joy when the spotlight hit him at the better than ezra concert.

however my smile quickly turned to a frown when i realized that my sister had been extensively flirting with rodman for most of the evening, trying to persuade him to come over to the table later to wish me a happy bday. and he obviously did so...although clearly under the assumption that in turn he would have a shot at bringing home a 15 year old girl later that night.


i accomplished one of my life goals last night bringing home one of my favorite all time "never sealed the deal" girls from college. unfortunately cardiff giant has already hooked up with her so it doesnt really count.


as much as i despise rasheed wallace, articles like these remind me why i can never hate him as much as the reason mr. league is 3pt% as opposed to 3ptm:

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