Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is Glen Taylor a Fantasy Basketball Junkie?

He must be. Check these comments about why he's reluctant to pay Al Jefferson before the season starts:

"I'm just a little hesitant that he's only had one good year," Taylor said. "We got taken by Mike James. Mike had a really good year, so we paid him the max we could under the rules, and he sure didn't come back and perform anywhere at that level."

I feel you Glen, I feel you.


Best Team Ever said...

If he does play fantasy basketball, he's the newbie who has got ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what he's doing. No wonder Kevin McHale still has a job.

Just look at the two players to realize he's not comparing apples to apples, it's like he's comparing apples to sharks with fricking lasers on their heads. They are nothing alike.

Al Jefferson is a 22-year-old who averaged a double-double in his first year starting (68 career starts). You don't need to be Jay Bilas to know a power forward of his size and skill has tremendous upside potential. At the time of his singing, Mike James was a 31-year-old undrafted journeyman PG who had played for 6 teams in 4 years (also 68 career starts).

And he had also said this: "Don't underpay me. I'm tired of being called an underachiever. I'm tired of being underpaid. And I've been underpaid since I've been in this game. Now it's time for me to get what I deserve."

Smart move, Glen. Real smart.

Shap said...

Mike James is gay. No, for real. He's a homo!

Celeste said...

Good post.