Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When is 17-8-6 not 17-8-6?

When you don't set your lineup correctly and David West is on your bench.

One of my biggest pet peeves in fantasy is not setting your lineup. Two or three times a year someone will "forget" to set their lineup and it irks the hell out of me.

Tonight though was different. Tonight was apathy and a general disinterest in ever being truly successful at fantasy basketball. It was a real amateur move. Ladies and gentlemen, the Weasel!

Allow me to explain. Early this week the reports out of New Orleans were that West was at best questionable for tonight's game. The Weasel though should have just benched Ron Artest -- seven game suspension to start the season -- and put West in. He had nothing to lose; we play daily transactions.

On the one hand I don't mind. I happen to be playing the Weasel this week. On the other hand general apathy can potentially destroy the delicate competitive balance we have in Best League Ever.

Unfortunately, the Weasel doesn't really care:

NeverWon: what the hell are you doing with your lineup
Weasel: what are you talking about
NeverWon: david west
Weasel: thought he wasnt playing
Weasel: you cant fault that
NeverWon: even so
NeverWon: why would you not put him in artest's spot
Weasel: ron artest
NeverWon: makes no sense
Weasel: forgot
NeverWon: disappointing
Weasel: oh well

Like The Misers say:

TheMISERS: i mean its disgusting
TheMISERS: it has to be a complete call out
TheMISERS: how hes not even close to our level
TheMISERS: and that football is a different game

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Classic classic classic Miser's moment.