Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Although I was disappointed to learn that I'm currently listed in last place in mikey's roofies Power Rankings, I respect the commish’s decision. With that said, I had previously posted on the message board my own Post Auction Power Rankings and have decided to repost those rankings here:

1. TheBurningSensation
2. Best Team Ever
4. The Misers
5. Loser's ROW
6. Mighty Mullets
7. mikey's roofies
8. The Flux
9. Moop Resurrected
10. Blue Balls
11. Yom Kippur at Joel's
12. Cardiff Giant

My predictions for the Week 1 winners are as follows:

The Misers vs. The Flux (The Misers)
mikey's roofies vs. Best Team Ever (BTE)
TheBurningSensation vs. Mighty Mullets (Mighty Mullets)+
Loser's ROW vs. Yom Kippur at Joel's (Loser's ROW)
Moop Resurrected vs. Blue Balls (Moop Resurrected)*
Cardiff Giant vs. MAMA LOOCH (MAMA LOOCH)

+ Would've been a close matchup had Dwyane Wade been available.
* Keep an eye on this entertaining matchup. It should be a close one.


MAMA LOOCH said...

Whoooaaa, I thought MAMA LOOCH was #2 in The Misers power ranking??

The Misers said...

Nope. Remember when I updated it because I had BTE ranked too low?

Best Team Ever said...

A crucial error corrected.