Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Live Blogging Halftime Discussions

Who is going to have more 20-20 games this season, Dwight Howard or Al Jefferson?
Mullets: Dwight Howard, wait, oh gosh, I don't know. But some is going to have a 30-rebound game.

LaMarcus Aldridge is an absolute beast. If he's doing this against Tim Duncan and San Antonio, what's he going to do against division rivals the Clippers, Sonics, Lakers and Warriors?

Doesn't Joel Przybilla look good? A hell of a lot better than Channing Frye. Isn't that right, BurningSensation? After a phone call from the BurningSensation discussing Channing Frye's abysmal first half, we may have our first paid transaction! Whaa-hoooo!

That is of course if the Mullets don't pull the trigger first with Zaza. He spent the first ten minutes of halftime researching him, but couldn't pull the trigger. He had to keep reminding himself of the mantra: "That would be borrowing a play out of Never Won's playbook." Considering the team name, we all know that isn't good for anything.

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TheBurningSensation said...

I can't believe Yom Kippur beat me to Przybilla. He looked amazing last night, and gets that coveted C.

At least I was able to get Martell. That kid looks primed!!!!