Monday, October 29, 2007

Weasel is Freud, Freud is Weasel

In fact, the Weasel once had a team named Penis Envy.

Who better than the creator of the "Early Week Reverse Psychology Email" (the Weasel) to kick off the new season with one?

There's a fine art in being able to send the same email to your opponents week after week yet still be entertaining. Weasel, you've mastered that art.

The Weasel: Congrats on your week one victory [Editor's Note: Week 1 starts TOMORROW]...every single one of my guys is injured...I won’t argue this, the week is over

NeverWon: Weasel, I understand your team is injured. Have you LOOKED AT MY LINEUP I HAVE NO GAMES!

TheWeasel: Don’t you dare fucking raise your voice. You win.

And so it goes. Man am I excited for the season!

1 comment:

TheBurningSensation said...

The reverse jinx! Inventor: Cardeef.