Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Roll Mr. League VII

Professionally speaking, I manage the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars. Nevertheless, I spent all day today thinking about what product Dirkilicious uses in his hair before road games.

Then, the Foye news hit. It took all of my strength not to drop him. The only thing that is keeping Foye on my team right now is the absolute certainty that if I drop him, I have borrowed a play from Never Won's playbook (a/k/a Loser's Row). If Foye hits the waiver wire, Mikey's Roofies will definitely pick him up. I don't want to get Roofied.

Can this season start already? PLEASE!

Roll Mullets


Best Team Ever said...

What product does he use? Do you have a list? Can I see it? Where are my Sixers flex pass tickets? Why haven't the games started yet? When you read this do I sounds like Jaime from Boca?

Mikey's Roofies said...

You honestly think I would pick up Foye?

Did you forget I have Bibby? I didn't drop him yet because I don't want him to get 'mulleted'

Mighty Mullets said...