Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Rotoworld

I use Rotoworld for my daily fantasy basketball research needs. They do a nice job of aggregating headlines from around the country and displaying them in a quickly digestible format.

But their "analysis" sucks.

You see, they don't have any reporters of their own (unless you count Dr. A., and I don't). So they feel the need to add some "color" or "analysis" to their collection of headlines. This leads them to post mostly off-the-wall proclamations.

Witness this "analysis" of this morning's news that Memphis named Mighty Mouse their starter and pre-season triple-dipper Kyle Lowry as the backup.

Now, any rational fantasy basketball observer would probably say "geez, I guess that kills Mike Conley Jr.'s value. Not only is he a rookie point guard, but he's a third string rookie point guard."

But not Rotoworld! They went with "While owners shouldn't panic and dump Conley just yet, this announcement does raise a red flag."

That's the type of in-depth analysis I've come to love from Rotoworld. I sure wouldn't panic if one of my rookie point guards was just named third string. Nope, not me. I'm a much more cautious type of fantasy player for sure. Is Kobe available on waivers? I might make a move on him.

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