Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey I've Got An Idea...Let's Rank Stuff

Just when you thought we had beaten these post-auction, pre-season numbers within an inch of their boring fucking lives, JD came up with a doozy: how much more/less did each team's players go for this year compared to last year's auction? We hypothesized on the auction's importance to the overall success of the team and, though imperfect, the system yielded some interesting results.

For fairness, we weeded out players whose auction values were significantly altered by injury either this year or last (as identified by asterisks). But enough bullshittery, let's get to some more meaningless rankings.

Rank. Team: Difference (Last Year's Finish)

12. Blue Balls: -90 (9th place)

11. Moop: -83 (11th place)

10. Mama Looch: -81 (12th place)

9. The Misers: -52 (10th place)

8. Yom Kippur: -24 (6th place)

7. Mighty Mullets*: -6 (4th place)

6. TheBurningSenstation: +2 (5th place)

5. Loser's Row**: +4 (7th place)

4. Mikey's Roofies***: +53 (2nd place)

3. Best Team Ever: +55 (1st place)

2. The Flux: +64 (8th place)

1. Cardiff Giant: +81 (3rd place)

* - Wade went for significantly less this year (according to JD) due to his injury
** - Brand went for far less this year due to his injury
*** - Gasol went for far less last year due to injury


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Cardiff Giant said...

Freakin' Poobie, always speakin' Portuguese and shit.

Blue Balls said...

What the hell is that?

Best Team Ever said...

Is this your first post?! Welcome to the blog. Now make some more comments.