Thursday, October 25, 2007

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

Weasel: Wow – Rick Davis to the Heat….interesting….who has him, Looch right?

: indeed

: sorry Looch...KILLS his value

: I tend to disagree

: As a life rule, that’s for certain.


Never Won said...

What you can't tell from that picture is that Ricky is actually thinking "hmmm, if I pass to myself off the backboard 8 more times tonight, it's triple-double time!"

Shap said...

Ricky Davis will NOT be happy about being third or fourth banana on Miami.

Also, Ricky Davis and winning do not get along very well. If Miami goes under .500 this year, which would only happen with another Wade injury, then Ricky will have a good year. Otherwise, he'll just gripe about playing time and fight with Coach Riley.

I foresee similar stats to Antoine Walker, circa 2005.

Mama Looch said...
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