Friday, November 16, 2007

Abracadabra, Bitch!

You are all about to become privy to a very rare occurrence. What follows has only previously been attempted in movies and in Weasel-y emails. I am going to attempt the reverse jinx by telling you all that I am about to jinx myself by bragging about my unmatched acumen for identifying waiver wire pickups. Don't try this at home. Here we go:

Nov 12 5:26pm Andres Nocioni (Chi - SF,PF) Add Free Agents Cardiff Giant

Nov 14 4:06pm Andres Nocioni is likely heading into the Bulls starting lineup and the move could come at the expense of Tyrus Thomas. (via Rotoworld)

Nov 14 10:15pm Sean Williams (NJ - C) Add Free Agents Cardiff Giant

Nov 16 11:22am Nets' rookie Sean Williams has been outstanding for them in his last two games and there is speculation that he could eventually start for the Nets. . . It's possible he could start tonight, but even if he plays well off the bench, it's time to move on him if you need a big man. (via Rotoworld)

Yes, thank you all very much. And please give a round of applause to my lovely assistant, Strawberry Banana. Strawberry, take a bow.

UPDATE: Email from Strawberry Banana: Mama Looch calls me from his DESK at work to ask me to pick up SEAN WILLIAMS off free agents…..he goes before i can say anything, I bet 1000 dollars Cardiff has already picked him up!!!

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