Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quotes from a night of fantasy basketball

The Misers: "I need this. I need Yao to have a bad game for me. You can't have a player just go through the whole season doing statistically well for you."

Cardeef: "have you really not checked fantasy in two days?"
Blue Balls: "i set my lineup on sunday."

Never Won: "I think Amare purposely misses that initial layup so he can get the rebound and put back . . . I love it"

Mighty Mullets: "Gomes is the kind of deceitful waiver wire whore that looks good when you are drunk."

Weasel: "i enjoy shaq"

And now for an exhibition in delusional trade talk:

Cardeef: vince and dalembert for tmac?
Flux: i think thats reaching
Cardeef: do you?
Flux: yeah
Flux: a lot
Cardeef: well i think it is pretty fair actually
Cardeef: you want me to talk it out with you?
Flux: no...let me take a look, but i was thinking more like rondo and sammy d

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