Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wait just a second...

I thought you said that local beat writer blogs are a bad source of information??

Now that you have a good base of information established from the original article, seek out other articles on the same subject. Do this by checking another local paper, Google News or additional fantasy info sites. Later in the day, sometime in the early afternoon, hopefully a beat writer from the paper will update his blog with info about the morning shootaround or new intel on the player in discussion. In order to know when this happens, subscribe to RSS feeds of the blogs with your players on it. That way, you should be privy to any late-breaking news -- something that we didn't even have access to a year or two ago. Some of the stronger authors will even answer personal e-mail or comments on their blog, so don't be afraid to try interacting with them.

You waffle more than a fat kid with chub rub.

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Best Team Ever said...

Wow, you missed the point completely of my BLE post. Not that I'm suprised by that. Skimming doesn't equal reading.

I like bloggers generally and obviously advocate and use their sites. What I don't like are bloggers posting false info ("Nelson will play") and then not posting the updated correct info until after the game has started ("Nelson is out for tonight's game"). The post was calling out this particular Schmuck Blogger, not all bloggers in general.

So speaking of calling out Schmuck bloggers, you just got pwned! Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts.