Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh I'm sorry, I thought I was talking to a person

Just in case anyone was actually using The Misers Power Rankings as anything other than high comedy, allow me to breakdown the accuracy of his evaluations over the past three weeks. Not exactly sure what he means by "things are finally starting to settle down", but he can't possibly mean that he's starting to get a grasp on what the hell is going on in this league.

The Miser has altered his own team an average of 7.5 slots in each of the first two weeks (and his team name twice). He has changed Cardeef's (that's me) rank an average of 8.5 spots per week. And in total, has shifted team ranks an average of over FOUR spots every week, out of a possible eleven. Such clusterfuckery certainly does not fit my definition of "settling down", but remember that this is coming from the same man that made a point of telling me that he "really liked" my team Sunday night, only to rank them 9th come Monday morning. The same kid that could have a four hour argument with himself without realizing that he's not winning.

But if nothing else, at least we can credit him for going 5 and 1 in his predications, and not letting his own power rankingsgo to his head. Although someone should tell him that changing his team name back to The Misers does not mean his team is any less insignificant in the auction era.

Basically, I just wanted to say, keep up the good work.

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Shap said...


Great choice of words, Cardiff.

Real power rankings, with justification and analysis, will arrive later tonight.