Monday, November 19, 2007

A Kind Request From The Giant

A suggestion, if you will. To those who are using "trade talks" as a false pretense to chit chat or to cure some sordid desire to fuck with people, please just skip over my email in your address book. Consider this a warning because I swear, without a smile on my face or irony in my words, that if you instigate a trade talk (e.g. "who do you want for iverson") then after two hours of discussing players, deals, ex-girlfriends and movies you tell me you have no interest in making a trade (e.g. "sorry, i can't mess with the squad"), violence will occur. In one form or another, the Giant's wrath will be felt. There is nothing worse than giving someone's heart an erection by callously leading them down a path towards a potential season saving trade, only to then flash a viscious grin and throw up on their head.

If you need an outlet for your evil lechery, adopt a puppy and throw it up on the rape stand, because honestly it would be less cruel. And you know who you are.

On another note, did anyone download that "Where Amazing Happens" song? Neither did I.


The Misers said...

This is pledge brother layzelle to a T. It frustrates me as well and will no longer be tolerated. Thank you for addressing it.

Never Won said...

This is a favorite move of the Mighty Mullets as well.

TheBurningSensation said...

A short, pointed rebuttal:

First, I've been informed by the poster that I was not the impetus for the message.

Second, if I was, my last discussion w/ Cardiff happened 10 days ago so the message is a bit untimely. Seriously, can I do a post about sh*t that happened three months ago and act like it was earlier today? If yes, I have a story I've been saving about Never Won and a 10 year-old boy.

Third, it was my understanding we don't use names like "Layzelle" on this blog. I have a fantasy handle, please use it.

Fourth and finally, I have never, EVER, initiated a trade talk with the Misers. It is the Misers' MO to propose a trade, ask everyone in the league their opinion, and then after the other party commits to the deal, pull it back down just prior to clicking "accept." Oh, and if the party that just wasted 2-4 hours of his time tells anyone about the deal, the Misers propose a new rule calling for punishments against any manager that discusses an on-going trade negotiation. Am I wrong?