Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Flux Evolution

The Flux is a conflicted beast.

He is someone who has threatened at various times to leave the league. He is someone who wanted to split is team this year with another manager. He is someone who last year refused to even order StatTracker until Cardeef, his roommate at the time, caught him sneaking looks at it on Cardeef's computer.

But Flux is slowly coming around; his passion for fantasy hoops is like a little caterpillar just waiting for the cocoon to grow. One day we will make him a butterfly.

That day may be sooner than we think. Witness his excitement over our full lineups tonight as well as his attempt to get a free subscription to League Pass:

I can't wait...I'll be right next to the computer
Just so you know, I was on the phone with the cable company last night because the new DVR boxes are so terrible and I've finally had it with the problems its caused. When they told me they would be patching the problems shortly I asked them if they would credit my account with anything. They said they would take off the DVR service from my bill for the month and give me a premium channel for free for a month. I asked for the NBA Package. They said No. I was upset.

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