Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally, Friday Night Basketball has returned to the world!

The following conversation took place between Never Won and Never Won's girlfriend earlier this week:

NeverWon's GF: So I'm sleeping over this Friday right?
NeverWon: Ummmmmmmmmm.
NeverWon's GF: Why, what's up?
NeverWon: It's Friday night.
NeverWon's GF: And then?
NeverWon: Well, it's Friday night basketball. And the debut of the Celtics. And when you come over and I watch basketball you start whining. And it makes me want to bludgeon my eyes out with a rusty spork*.
NeverWon's GF: OK, that's fine. I'll sleep over Saturday and then we have Sunday together.
NeverWon (in his head): Celtics at 2:30 on Sunday. Patriots - Colts at 4:15. RUSTY SPORK IN MY EYE.
NeverWon (outloud): Great!

If you need me tonight I'll be on my couch with 6 Bud Light horses (tall boys for you Southerners) and my boyfriends Josh Smith and Paul Pierce. No girlfriend necessary.

* That last sentence may or may not have actually been spoken.

Suck on this Best Team Ever:

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