Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some Good Old Fashion Trivia

Fun fact question: What do Richard Jefferson, Dwight Howard, Cuttino Mobley, Grant Hill, Chris Bosh and David Lee all have in common?

Fun fact answer: They were all on Family Feud today playing against their moms.

Family Feud Awkward Edition Awards:

Best Mother's Name: Meekness LeCato (Richard Jefferson's mom)

Whitest Guy on the Team: Richard Jefferson (David Lee was a distant second)

Trying Too Hard To Fit In: David Lee and David Lee's mom (awkwardness personified). David Lee's answer to Something women want close by during a bath: "If she's takin' a bath, she don't want to get too far from those lotions, Bro."

Enjoying Himself Too Much: Cuttino Mobley (dancing around, over-the-top laughing, crossing himself before giving an answer).

Worst Answer: Cuttino Mobley. Something that that a guy would talk about too much a bore and woman on a date: Her body. He said this in front of his mom no less. C'mon bro, how 'bout them lotions.

Looks Most Like Her Son: Dwight Howard's mom. This she-hulk looks like she could snag 20 rebounds herself against Eddy Curry

That's all for this episode of the Feud.


Never Won said...

Family Feud is on at 3PM in the afternoon for those of you scoring from home.

Cardiff Giant said...

3:30 PM