Thursday, November 1, 2007


When it comes to the future, I'm generally a pessimist. Ask the Mullets, when W first got appointed by the Supreme Court, I turned to those around me and lamented this meant war with Iraq was inevitable. We're 20 years away from severe drought. I see kids today and weep. Mine is a bleak and dark forecast.

And yet today a professional athlete says something that makes me believe all will be right, that global warming can be cooled and world peace achievable. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Baby Al:

"I didn't even think I was worth max (money) this year anyway, I would've been a fool to go up there and ask for max, having not really proved myself for that. So the number I got was the number that was my goal from Day 1. And I think it was a win, win situation."

Just stunning. A modern day hero. We need more of him. What exceptional class.

And it only took $65 million.


The Misers said...
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The Misers said...

You are also a terrible prognosticator, as evidenced by your retort that China is weak and will never be considered a world power when we were in college.

TheBurningSensation said...

Oh Miser, how you are confused. I said China was not a major military power with a total defense budget of $17 billion. I never said, nor would I, that a country of over 1 billion people and a rapidly expanding economy wasn't, or wouldn't be, a world power.

So there.