Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Worst Feelings in the World

1) Finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you.
2) Your doctor telling you he "just needs to do a few more tests."
3) That dream where you show up to work/school naked.
4) Biting into a piece of raw-on-the-inside chicken.
5) Having to swap in Robert Swift for an injured Amare in your lineup tonight.


Best Team Ever said...

Robert Swift is rocking the double ponytail now. With Drew Gooden's patch shaved, Ben Wallace's hair played out and Andrew Bogut having shaved off the braided tail he grew this summer, Swift is now king of the most ridiculous hairstyle in the NBA.

Shap said...

Scot Pollard takes offense to that last statement.

Best Team Ever said...

Touche. How could I overlook my favorite Kansas alums? Greg Ostertag pioneered the flattop oaf look.

"Do drugs" -- Pollard

Shap said...

I believe the entire quote was:

"Kids, do drugs"

Stop taking him out of context.