Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Pilgrimage

Several times a year, BTE and the Mighty Mullets board a train in Philadelphia to make the obligatory pilgrimage to Mr. League Central.

Mr. League Central is hallowed grounds. Located at 14th Street and Avenue A, it is the storied sight of some the greatest moments in Mr. League history.

Stuy Town, as it is known, ushered in the auction era and continues to chronicle Mr. League auction history as the official archive of “the sheets.”

It is where The Misers stabbed the Mullets in the back like a modern day Brutus.

During the Mr. League VI auction weekend, the first ever official trophy awarding ceremony took place. It was gingerly passed from The Misers to Mama Looch and finally to The Mullets. That was back when BTE still had an asterisk next to his name which has since been moved to the Misers.

Mr. League Central is where "the bet" between Never Won and Mama Looch was executed. It continues today as an inflation adjusted wager that Never Won will never win.

During the Mr. League V auction, Flux introduced the most sophisticated draft/auction algorithm this side of a Bangladesh call center. Today it is known simply as The Matrix (oops, sorry Shawn).

Mr. League Central is where Weasel a/k/a Yom Kippur at Joel’s paved a bold new path on auction bidding by jumping $20 on an injured Amare Stoudamire. Today that theory has morphed into the “introduce-high” approach to auctioning.

Three of Mr. League’s most dedicated competitors live there as keepers. It started with Never Won, then the Misers moved in and now Cardeef calls it home. The three of them, like Knights of the Fantasy Hardwood.

Each trip to Mr. League Central is different, but each always includes Croc Lounge, Super Smash Brothers (Kirby Laugh), yelling and fantasy basketball.

And, most importantly, a shitload of stat tracker.

Five days until the pilgrimage.

Roll Mullets.

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Never Won said...

Man you're gonna be sad when we don't live here anymore.