Friday, November 2, 2007

Mama Looch, you're on!

Two bets, one against NeverWon, one against Best Team Ever.

$20 each, most categories wins, accept in the comments.

Here's Mama Looch's roster:

PG Jason Terry
SG Ricky Buckets
G Andre Miller
SF Villanueva
PF Andrea Bargnani
F Emeka Okafor
C Timmy Duncan
C Chris Bosh


MAMA LOOCH said...

You're betting against yourself? Sounds like fun

Best Team Ever said...

Your lineup is as pathetic as a Poobie pickup line.

I'll be collecting my dough next week at the Nets/Celtics game.

No pretzels for you if you win!

MAMA LOOCH said...

You have Diogu in your lineup. How are you talking smach?

MAMA LOOCH said...

3-way bet, most cats wins. $20 person.

Best Team Ever said...

No can do, LOOCH. Never Won and my original bet has to stand as is.

I guess we can make the second bet this way if all three of us agree.

Never Won said...

I'll do a second bet that way...what's the tiebreaker...

The FLUX said...

Can we get a little playoff system here? I'll play LOOCH first and then winners face off?

The Misers said...


Shap said...

longest comment thread ever!

MAMA LOOCH said...

wow, that was absolute domination by MAMA LOOCH!!!!