Monday, November 12, 2007

Signs your team may be in trouble #72

When one of your best players has to be restrained from fighting his teammates, during the game.

From RotoWorld:

The Detroit News reports, "During the Hawks' game against the Pistons, [Josh Smith] was yelling at teammate Tyronn Lue because he wasn't passing him the ball enough. He yelled at coach Mike Woodson to get Lue out of the game and had to be restrained by coaches and teammates. When he did get the ball, he often broke plays to get off his own shot."

The article speculated that Smith could be a negative influence on the team, and for a team as young as the Hawks', he certainly isn't a role model. He is, however, a fantastic athlete and an elite fantasy force, so play him every week, bad vibes or not.
Rock on with your potentially-suspended-at-any-moment self JSmoove.

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