Friday, November 30, 2007

Typical Liberal Media Bullshit

After my weeks of barking and chest-puffing, I finally sealed the first deal of the season. I would like to thank my trading partner TBS, as well as the other folks who helped me along the way. I could not have gotten a real Center without you. I'd also like to thank Jesus, for whom all praise is due.

However, despite all the joy and back-patting and dick-sucking, there is one thorn in my side that I'd like to let breathe.

Email to Cardeef from Never Won (prior to trade):
"If [TBS] accepts [that] trade I’ll fly to Chicago and kill him."

Email to The Miser from Never Won (after the trade):
"And there goes TBS, just running his fucking team the way it wants to be run. Unreal."

Can someone tell me what in the hell is going on there?

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