Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Origin of Loser's Row

NeverWon has had a lot of different team names over the years:

The White Dykes
Cats and Doggs
Ming Dynasty
Balls Deep

But last year, after some intense self-reflection (and, as usual, some self-loathing), I finally settled on a name that did the best job describing my team than any name I had used previously.


If I recall correctly, it was a night last season not unlike last night when Loser's Row was born. I had spent the day eagerly emailing with the Mighty Mullets in anticipation of what I thought would be a huge night. Like last night I was putting the proverbial "best foot forward", well, forward. And just like last night, my team proved to be less of a team than I thought. Indeed, my team proved to be less of a man than I thought.

Out of the ashes of this conflagration of fantasy putridity was born Loser's Row. How better to describe David Lee last night. Or Manu Ginobili. Or Amare Stoudemire. Once again when all the chips were in the middle of the table, my team folded like a third roll of stomach fat. Like a bunch of Losers...

To quoth the Weasel: "Hence Loser's Row."


Mighty Mullets said...

That picture is extraordinarily appropriate. During the Michigan game, BTE and I mutually confirmed that Never Won is the number one Booobie-Man we know.

His status as Captain Boobie-Man applies to his own man-boobs and to those on his preferred fuck-lions.

Roll Mullets

TheBurningSensation said...

This is my favorite photo.