Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Power Rankings Clarification

There appears to be some confusion as to the methodology of my power rankings. I would like to thank Cardeef for pointing this out and on both gchat as well as on this blog so I will now take the time to clarify how the process works. It all starts with my original post auction power rankings. This is my base as it reflects the full potential of everyone’s team assuming complete health and maximum projected statistical output. My weekly updated power rankings, however, reflect a combination of recent past production and my short-term expectations for every team while keeping in mind my original rankings.

For example, while Cardiff Giant has had some recent success and is currently ranked 4th in the standings, his record would only be 5-6 against every other team in the league based upon statistical overall averages for the season (see Loser’s ROW FBB Results Wk Ending 11.11.07). Moreover, upon further analysis, I noticed that Cardeef is doing well in really only three categories (FG% (1), Points (2) and Assists (2)). And while I commend his team on its stupendous FG% thus far, I think it’s prone to some serious volatility with the likes of Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Tracy McGrady and Baron Davis. So while Cardeef’s team has played better thus far than the Mighty Mullets and Best Team Ever, I don’t believe he’s currently as “powerful” as those other two teams.

While it would be helpful if I provided some of this insightful analysis behind my rankings, I don’t have the time or the inclination to actually do so. So either accept the rankings for what they are and realize that there is a rhyme and reason to such “clusterfuckery” or send me a personal email asking for a justification and I will offer you up one. Otherwise, I bid you adieu as this will be my last Power Rankings of the season and I will solely focus my time on how to destroy the other loser teams in this league such as Cardiff Giant (which shouldn't be too hard unless some idiot takes Brendan Haywood in a lopsided trade from him).

Thank you,
The Misers


MAMA LOOCH said...

Looove the Miseresque throw in at the end regarding Haywood!!!!

Never Won said...

Cheer up Palmer, you'll soon be dead.

Ryan Stone said...

THAT IS HIS MOVE DYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call me a reverse psycher, call him an asshole