Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'd Say You Had Enough

Let's call it growing pains. The fact that now in the seventh year of this league no one can execute a fucking trade. All but two managers hate their teams--and we're just a Marcus Camby knee explosion and the expiration of some Satan contracts away from making it a full slate. Everyone is complaining, but no one will fucking trade.

I'll take it one step further. No one will even discuss a trade. "I'm open to offers." "Sure I'm listening." Fuck you, asshole. No one is listening. No one is doing a goddamned thing. It's like every person is frozen in total fear of being raped in a deal. We all know the abuse involved with trading a Josh Smith for a Ray Felton. A Deron Williams for an Andrew Bogut. Or even an Allen Iverson for an Andrei Kirilenko. No one wants the abuse invloved with such a catastrofuck. Instead we all stand around brushing each other's teeth with our dicks and gargling cum. Yeah, I said it.

Man up you fuckers and make a deal.

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