Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's good to see maturity is at an all-time high

Last night a drunk Loser's Row came home around midnight and spent a good 15 minutes yelling the stats of players back and forth with The Misers from their respective rooms.

This did not please Cardiff Giant, already sequestered in his room for the evening.

Loser's Row found this display uproariously funny.

Is there any surprise he has players like John Salmons on his team?

From the Sacramento Bee (I would link to the article but it's behind a stupid subscriber sign-up wall):

Ron Artest returned for the Kings on Wednesday, forcing John Salmons to come off the bench. If his post-game tantrum (leaving the locker room early, storming past reporters and pacing the hallway in frustration) is any indication, he's not happy with the demotion.

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