Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging is Bad For Your Health

Down goes Arenas! Down goes Arenas!

Surgery was performed this morning by team physician Dr. Martin Connell. Here is his assessment of the situation: "I repaired a partial tear of Gilbert's left meniscus. In addition he had a non-weight bearing articular surface defect in the tibia treated by microfracture. We are optimistic that he will be able to return to action in three months."

There is one major thing wrong with this statement: microfracture surgery doesn't equal three months. We can interpret this two ways.

1) There must be a new or different use for the surgical procedure known as microfracture. Since microfracture is actually an accurate description of what happens in the surgery, perhaps this method is used in other ways than the promotion of cartilage growth. If the part of the bone is non-weight bearing, maybe the recovery time is much shorter.

2) Gilbert is fucked. He had microfracture surgery on a very, very small area of his knee, but three months is extremely optimistic if it is indeed microfracture surgery in the sense we've come to know it.

Enjoy the Losers Bracket, Blue Balls. Perhaps you should have pulled the trigger on that Joe Johnson offer.

By the way, excellent premonition, Never Won. Wrong superstar, same result though.


The Misers said...

typical scumbag move by best team ever. just typical. trying to take advantage of a team when its down. what would balls accomplish by trading you arenas for joe johnson? zero. poobie, hold on to gil, call it a season and hope he returns for the loser's bracket playoffs. dropping him doesn't do anything for you cause it's not like you can make the winner's bracket without him.

Best Team Ever said...

typical scumbag move by the Misers -- trying to take a shot at me when there's absolutely nothing there. I offered the JJ trade about two weeks ago when fluid started building in Arenas' knee. Trading would have landed him Johnson and I would be in the predicatment he's in now.