Friday, November 30, 2007

Trade Analysis

Let's go up to booth for some further review on this one.

The participants:

The Burning Sensation receives:

Ed Curry, C
Ray Allen, SG

Cardiff Giant receives:

Zydrunas, C
Stephen "Motherfucker" Jackson, GF

League-wide sentiment seems to be mixed. TheMisers and the Mighty Mullets put a check mark in TBS' box. Loser's Row and Best Team Ever like this trade for Cardiff.

Poobie is busy buying Dixie cups by the pallet and can't be bothered.

Here are some choice lines culled from email that help explain further:

"Exchanging a cancer like Curry for a cancer like Jackson is still just cancer." -- Mighty Mullets. A fair point.

"Captain Jack is a lot better than people realize." -- Best Team Ever

Here's how I break it down: Ray Allen was superfluous to Cardiff giant -- guard heavy (Baron, Iverson, T-Mac), solid in points and assists. Cardeef was clearly lacking at the C spot with Diaw, Haywood, Sean Williams, previously Curry, and Boozer -- a 3-category PF with C eligibility.

Cardeef makes a huge improvement in his C spot which is always difficult to do. Like in any trade you've got to give to get so he had to take on some pretty atrocious percentages from a real jacker like Stephen Jackson but he makes it up with his nice rebounding, assists, and steals which strengthens already strong cats for Cardeef.

I don't really understand this trade from TBS' side. Why weaken yourself at C in exchange for Ray Allen when you've already got a strong SG lineup -- D. Wade, Josh Howard, and formerly Stephen Jackson?

But like we always say, every trade needs two willing partners. And we know there's no more willing a partner to trade with Cardiff then his old friend The Burning Sensation.


Shap said...

I call the trade for TheBurningSensation. Ray Allen is perenially a top-25 talent (sometimes top-10) and this year is no exception.

TBS traded big Z and Stephen Jackson at the very peak of their value. Do you honestly see either of those guys improving their current season averages, which would set career bests?

Barring an injury to Allen, this trade benefits TBS the most. I am pretty much disregarding Curry as he has little to no value in this league as a 2-category C. TBS has other C's to pick up the rebounding slack, and Allen's solid percentages should offset some of Wade's erratic shooting.

Cardiff adds some much needed depth, and a solid rebounder, but I think he paid too high a price for artificially-inflated talent.

Cardiff Giant said...

well put

TheBurningSensation said...

Never Won-

A few points sir.

1. See Shap's response.

2. I thought we were also friends through fantasy football and our love of movie quotes. Am I wrong?

Never Won said...

I use fantasy football as a bridge to the basketball season. Same with our friendship.

TheBurningSensation said...

If you weren’t my best friend, I’d squeeze your neck until your head popped off